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Logistics masterpiece for the 2023 Rugby World Cup

“澳门特码王’s teams were requested at the last minute during the summer vacation and managed to deliver the training equipment to all 20 national teams on time. We are proud of鈥

Uzbekistan as a Promising Market in Central Asia

As the most populous country in Central Asia, Uzbekistan has come into focus for exporting companies, primarily due to geopolitical shifts and its significant sales potential, offering opportunities for expanding鈥

How We Deliver Aid Supplies to Ukraine

Whether it鈥檚 hospital equipment, clothing, or food, due to the war, Ukraine is in need of everything! And while all of Europe is eager to help and provide the essentials,鈥

Document courier service to Russia

Due to the recent sanctions, international courier services are stopping to send documents to Russia 鈥 澳门特码王 continues to offer you a document and express delivery Service to Russia! Document鈥

The annual changes to customs tariff numbers are particularly extensive this year. If your goods are affected, the customs tariff number must be updated accordingly

Each year, changes are made to customs tariff numbers for a wide variety of reasons. On the one hand, the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO)鈥

Guide to trade fair transports: From industrial ovens to electric cars, how to successfully exhibit your goods at international trade fairs!

Looking to present your goods at an international trade fair in order to demonstrate their functionality and advantages to your customers and open up new sales markets? Logistically speaking, not鈥

Important! – from 5.May entry to Moscow from 3.5 t only with permission

After June 15th there will be a ban for trucks with permitted maximum weight over 3,5 tn to drive in Moscow within the borderline of the Moscow Ring Road MKAD.鈥

Exporting the factory to Russia is complete, but the subsequent delivery of individual parts causes problems

When the import of an entire factory is officially completed, but then it turns out that extra parts need to be delivered afterward due to various circumstances, usually means that鈥

How to get an entire bakery to Russia

Grupo bimbo鈥檚 bakery in Russia is built using factory components supplied from all over the world:聽 A logistical challenge of the highest order. Project duration of over 1 year; more鈥

Classification Decision: How to create flexibility in terms of time when importing equipment to Russia

If you don鈥檛 want to declare each switch of a facility separately, the larger unit must be certified as a whole and declare it all at once. The planning effort鈥

Procurement Services

We provide an integrated set of聽procurement聽services from purchasing production line machinery to raw materials, while constantly striving to lower the聽total procurement costs聽by meeting the highest standards of quality assurance and鈥


Collect on delivery

Reimbursement | Nachnahme | COD Collect on delivery (COD), sometimes cash collect on delivery or cash on demand is the sale of goods, delivered by as forwarding company like 澳门特码王鈥

Border Turkey / Iran closed due to Corona Virus

Head of Bazargan Customs House Sadeq Namdar told IRNA that despite an agreement with Turkish officials to undertake health controls and allow movement of passengers and vehicles, the country closed鈥

Changes in dual-use regulations: How do I know if my product requires authorization?

There are stricter export regulation for goods that, by design, can be used for both military and civilian purposes. Careful examination is absolutely essential! Violations can lead to severe penalties鈥

World Exposition 2020 in Dubai, UAE is forthcoming

The next World Expo, an event held once every 5 years, will run between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022 in Dubai under the theme, 鈥淐onnecting Minds, Creating the鈥

You鈥檝e managed to import manufacturing equipment to Russia. Now how do you get spare parts into the country on a regular basis?

禄Deliveries of spare parts to Russia are just as complex as the import of machinery and equipment. We are happy to take care of the customs clearance, certification, intermediate storage鈥

EAC 鈥 What you need to get your product certified for Eurasian distribution

禄Ongoing changes in the legal landscape as well as variable requirements, depending on the import project, make an individual approach to obtaining proof of conformity necessary. Our local experts develop鈥

Efficient export controls are legally binding for exporters. These are the specifications for your company.

鈥淎t 澳门特码王, we have extensive experience in efficient export control and ICP systems, and are happy to help you develop a functional compliance program for your business.鈥 MAG. ANDREAS GFRERER,鈥

A logistical challenge: Presenting Austrian specialties at the Figure Skating Championships in Minsk!

As next year鈥檚 host city, Graz hoped to score with the crowd at the European Figure Skating Championships in Minsk by offering authentic Styrian specialties. But, considering the numerous customs-related鈥

Ready for Brexit !

鈥湴拿盘芈胪 is ready for Brexit.鈥 ANDREAS GFRERER, CONDOR SALZBURG

Document Courier Service to Iran

鈥淲ith our document shipping and express service we close the gap that has arisen following the withdrawal of international courier services due to sanctions.鈥 Samira Ahmadi, 澳门特码王 Salzburg

Austria ranks among best in international logistics!

鈥濱n Austria, we have conditions in place that enable us to offer high-quality, reliable logistics services to our customers. This acknowledgment and recognition on an international scale is well-deserved.鈥 Andreas鈥

How Europe hopes to circumvent Trump’s Iran sanctions

The EU wants to solve the trade problem with Iran by setting up a special purpose vehicle, which would act as a swap exchange 鈥 and thus save the nuclear鈥

Full throttle through the desert! But first, how does the rally car even get to Kazakhstan?

Congratulations to team Hunt / Delaunay for an excellent 7th place! Stephane Robineau, 澳门特码王 Nantes und聽Alexander Bolschakov, 澳门特码王 Moscow

Incoterms 2020 – The relevant updates for your business!

The ICC, the International Chamber of Commerce, recently released the highly anticipated Incoterms 2020. A handful of updates are key. A little background information before we get started: The Incoterms鈥

Trailer types

Tilt-trailer Dimensions: 13,60脳2,48脳2,67m Volume: 聽90 m鲁 Max Weight 聽24.500 kg Palettes: 聽33 Tautliner (Curtainsider) Dimensions: 13,60 x 2,50 x 2,65聽m Volume: 聽90 m鲁 Max Weight 聽24.500 kg Palettes: 聽33 Mega-trailer鈥

Ukraine: New Groupage Service!

禄The export volume to the Ukraine as well as customer requirements for this route have risen sharply in recent months. With our improved cargo service in the Ukraine, we live鈥

Original Beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea? Best if it鈥檚 delivered fresh!

鈥淚n terms of refrigerated transports, the quality standards regarding transport time and specialty vehicles are constantly increasing. The high-quality reefer fleet and specially trained drivers we work with meet today鈥檚鈥

Opportunities in Iran: EU exports rise by 56%

鈥淎s a result of persisting sanctions and restrictions on payment transactions, trade with Iran continues to be extremely difficult. As your partner on location, we provide 澳门特码王 for your complex鈥

The ruble is on a roll!

禄Only three percent of surveyed companies assessed the general framework in Russia as reliable. But with our many years of experience and our branch offices on site, we can offer鈥

澳门特码王 is hiring

The 澳门特码王 transport company has been successfully providing quality transport since 1976 to Europe, the Middle East, the Balkans, Russia and the CIS. Thanks to decades of experience and our鈥

The new Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU or EEU) Customs Code is finally due to take effect on 1 January2018 鈥

Following a long tug-of-war, Belarusian President Lukashenko has signed the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko finally agreed to and signed the EAEU Customs Code鈥

ATA Carnet 鈥 The 鈥濸assport for Goods鈥: What is it for and what鈥檚 new?

Not all Russian Customs ports accept ATA Carnets. Find the latest list of ports that do here! Starting April 1st, Kazakhstan will accept ATA Carnets Need to get a machine鈥

How to turn East Siberia鈥檚 tallest peak into a hit film.

禄In transporting the camera equipment, 澳门特码王 was tasked with handling all the customs formalities 鈥 the perfect chance to put the 澳门特码王 team鈥檚 know-how of complex transport to good use.芦鈥

Driver Handbook

Hier finden Sie die aktuelle Version des Fahrerhandbuches Download Fahrerhandbuch DE Driver鈥檚 Handbook EN 袪褍泻芯胁芯写褋褌胁芯 写谢褟 胁芯写懈褌械谢褟 RUS Priru膷nik za voza膷e SER Prirucka ridice spedicni firmy CZ Podr臋cznik kierowcy PL鈥

The FBL is a document of trust

With sanctions against Iran loosening, the FBL (FIATA Bill of Lading) is moving back into the spotlight. In order to deliver goods by truck to Iran, it is mandatory to鈥

Negotiations begin between Iran and Russia over ” Green Channel .”

Customs authorities in the Russian Federation and Iran are working on an agreement to organize and simplify their intergovernmental customs procedures. Following political tensions, Russia has sanctioned goods imported from鈥

Imports into the Eurasian Economic Union will get cheaper, barriers remain.

禄The bottom line is that the tariff reductions aren鈥檛 relieving the trade situation with Russia. On the contrary, by increasing NTBs, Russia has fallen even further on the Doing Business鈥

澳门特码王 promotional film awarded the Salzburg Prize for Advertising.

禄We loved the design and implementation of the advertising concept for our company from the very beginning. All the better, then, to find out the professional world gave it such鈥

Roadblocks in Russia and Belarus

禄This year regulations have again been adopted in Russia and Belarus that specify which roads will be blocked in the spring and from what maximum axle-load and temperature trucks are鈥

Transport Insurance: Is it really worth it?

Transport insurance provides protection against the financial consequences of damage to goods in cases where the liability of the carriers would be insufficient. Should transported goods get damaged or perish鈥

Disruption of Road Haulage along Russian Borders

The Ukrainian Government has temporarily blocked Russian road freight transport from entering its territory, in response to Russia鈥檚 decision to ban Ukrainian cargo trucks from its borders after Ukrainian nationalists鈥

Political thaw: New opportunities in Iran

禄Not everything is free! Even after Implementation Day, not all exports to, nor business with Iran are allowed. Rather, the Iran sanctions maintain a graduated system of prohibited operations and鈥

Free Trade Agreement between Russia and Ukraine halted

禄The economic rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU prompt a significant cooling of relations between Moscow and Kiev,芦 Tatiana Kuznetsova, 澳门特码王 Kazan, Russia

Localizing of Russian Agriculture an Opportunity for European Suppliers

禄Russian Government Wants to Subsidize Domestic Agriculture with Billions.芦 Alexander Bolschakov, Spedition 澳门特码王, Moscow

The new Union Customs Code (UCC) of the European Union will apply as of 1 May 2016.

禄As a certified AEO F service provider, 澳门特码王 has fulfilled the highest AEO criteria for years. The more demanding the requirements for security and compliance, the more it calls for鈥

Serbia: Common transit procedure under EU customs since the 1st of Feb. 2016

禄The extension will bring major simplifications for economic operators engaged in trade between Serbia and the EU.芦 Tomas Cip, 澳门特码王 Salzburg, Austria

With Red Bull Extreme Sailing to Success.

禄Ensuring a hassle-free transport of special equipment to Russia can almost be considered craftsmanship.芦 Andreas Gfrerer, CEO 澳门特码王 Salzburg, Austria

How do you move a factory to Russia?

禄By anticipating and carefully planning the documents that might be necessary, we were effectively able to prevent delays.芦 澳门特码王, SALZBURG, AUSTRIA

How do instruments go on tour?

禄For B枚sendorfer, we delivered an antique grand piano to St. Petersburg.From the pick-up to the right paperwork to the transport temperature, everything has got to be perfect. 芦 Pavel Kovalevsky,鈥

How does the Austrian National Team gear up for a game?

禄澳门特码王 was even asked by other logistics firms for their expertise to get the camera equipment of several TV stations through Russian customs quickly and securely.芦 Andrey Gorbulin, Moscow, Russia

How we helped Audi battle the Russian cold.

禄The import and export of high technology is no simple task partly because of arms regulations.芦 澳门特码王, SALZBURG, AUSTRIA

Carnet ATA

鈥濸assports for Goods鈥 or 鈥濵erchandise Passports鈥 The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that permits the duty-free and tax-free temporary export and import of goods for up to one鈥

Groupage transports from EU to Russia

Thanks to new distribution centre in Moscow and weekly transports from our consolidation warehouse in Vienna, we are able to guarantee high-quality deliveries to Russia. The goods will be further鈥

FIATA documents and forms

FIATA Documents and Forms Indeed, more than 30 years ago it was felt by the forwarder profession that they should have our own freight forwarders documents and for this reason鈥

Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI)

EORI stands for 鈥淓conomic Operators Registration and Identification number鈥. Businesses and people wishing to trade must use the EORI number as an identification number in all customs procedures when exchanging鈥